Grinding Machines

DFG-250 Floor Grinder
Ideal for preparation, grinding adhesive and paint on large concrete areas while capable of grinding and removal of concrete. Comes with many features, such as a removable front on the dust cover to allow for close grinding to the wall. Adjustable wheel height to control the grinding pressure at the front of the of the grind head. The size of the machine reaches into tight, impractical areas. Dust extraction or water feed.
DFG 250
  • Power: single phase, 2.2kW/3hp, 1400RPM 
  • Grinding Head: Fixed, 250mm dia. plate
  • Takes Husqvarna shoes.
  • USA made MORSE Coupler
  • Weight: 70Kg.
  • Level bubble to check machine level, foot adjustment with lock once desired level is achieved.
  • Moveable dust cover
  • Foldable handle makes the machine more compact and convenient in transportation and storage.
  • Vacuum cleaner port and water pipe port designed for dry and wet grinding, keeping the working environment clean. 
DFG 250 333-0

       US made Morse coupler

DFG 250 folding-730
               Folding Handle
DFG-250E Floor Grinder

All the features of the Fixed Head Floor Grinder above with the added ability to angle the head to allow easy edging. 

Bycon DFG-250E-863-900
  • Power: single phase, 2.2kW/3hp, 1400RPM
  • Grinding Head: Husqvarna shoes. USA made MORSE Coupler.
  • Weight: 75Kg.
ASL T27 High Speed Polishing Machine
The ASL-T27 is a variable-speed burnisher with a 10 HP motor. The 27 inch disk diameter is perfect for any size floor. The easy grip design makes the burnisher effortless to operate.
ASL T27-945-251-783
  • Ergonomic design and adjustable handle
  • Metal build contributes to its strong and durable design
  • Steel gear box
  • Integrated weight system on the front that can be added or removed to supply extra pressure
  • Equipped with safety switches to ensure safe operation
  •  Low operating noise level
  • Included accessories: 20 meter cable and 2 integrated weights
  • 12 month warranty with back up servicing available.
Voltage: 380-440V
Current: 30A
Motor: 10HP (7.5kW)
Inverter: 15PH (11kW)

Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Disc Speed : 1-1800RPM
Grinder Width:
Disc Diameter: 690mm
Weight: 140kg
handheld grinders-373


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