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Grinding Machine-294Spec floor grinder

The ASL 650-T8 is a powerful 650mm floor grinding machine with an aluminum alloy gearbox and 4 head planetary gear driver that is capable of achieving a remarkably flat grind to produce smooth surfaces as well as repairing scratches.

– The grinder can be operated through the control panel
– Four head planetary gear driver
– Gearbox and motor are made out of aluminum for steadiness and durability
– There are 4 HTC plates that each hold 3 diamonds (12 total)
– There are 4 Velcro plates for resin pads
– There are 3 options for handles that can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust to fit each operator comfortably.
– There is a folding handle and split body design for a more convenient way to carry and transport the machine.
– Good back up service
– Included accessories: lifting rods, splash guard, 20m 32amp cable with PDL plug, 2 x 40kg weights,
– The grinding pressure can be controlled with 2 x 40kg additional weights, total weight 420Kg
– Can handle jobs wet or dry
– The vacuum port is located on the bottom left of the grinder
– Rotation control.
– 12 month warranty with back up servicing available.


Introducing the DFG-250 floor

grinder. USA Made.

DFG 250DFG 250 22-414       DFG 250 333

Power: single phase, 2.2kW/3hp, 1400RPM

Grinding Head: 250mm dia. plate. Takes Husqvarna shoes. USA made MORSE Coupler.

Weight: 70Kg.


● Level bubble to check machine level, foot adjustment with lock once desired level is achieved.

        ● The dust cover on the grinding head can be set to either side of the machine for   easy grinding.                             

● OFF/ON switch is an over-current protection unit with an adjustable over-current setting from 9A to 14A.

● Foldable handle makes the machine more compact and convenient in transportation and storage.

● Vacuum cleaner port and water pipe port designed for dry and wet grinding, keeping the working environment clean.


ASL high Speed polishing222


The ASL-T27 is a variable-speed burnisher with a 10 HP motor. The 27 inch disk diameter is perfect for any size floor. The easy grip design makes the burnisher effortless to operate.

690mm diameter pad
– Ergonomic design and adjustable handle
– Metal build contributes to its strong and durable design
– Steel gear box
– Integrated weight system on the front that can be added or removed to supply extra pressure
– Equipped with safety switches to ensure safe operation
– Low operating noise level
– Included accessories: 20 meter cable and 2 integrated weights

– 12 month warranty with back up servicing available.


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